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Our Special Emphasis

We are a Multispecialty Dental Center imbibing the latest technology with the skill and knowledge of highly qualified senior dental specialists.

Smile Make Over

Is there anything you wish you could change about your smile?

Your wish is our command...!!!

Fixed Teeth in 3 days

Dental Implants or Dental Bridges - Best remedy for missing teeth.

We have the right solution for you...!!!

Advanced Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

An effective and painless therapy to save your natural teeth.

We are your first choice...!!!

More About Us

We Provide The Most Professional Service Since 2009

Aastha Dental Clinic, founded on 17 th May, 2009 by Dr. Kunal B. Shah, is a Multispecialty Dental Center imbibing the latest technology with the skill and knowledge of highly qualified senior dental specialists.

Located at the very heart of the city Nalasopara (West), Aastha Dental gives immaculately clean feeling with hygiene as top priority. The seamless service and hospitable staff makes the experience more informative and comfortable...

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Aastha Dental Clinic - Virtual Tour

We have all the Characteristics of a Good Dental Clinic.
We are eager to see you...

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Get Healthy Teeth For Life - Virtual Tour

Tips on how to keep your teeth strong and healthy
and how to improve your oral and overall general health...

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Our Services

Especially designed for you... because we care for you...!!!

Family and General

Our team of professional dentists and assistants can be counted on to teach you and...

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Children Dentistry

At Aastha Dental, we offer comprehensive children's dentistry. We do so much more than...

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Orthodontic (Braces) Treatment

It is the dental specialty that focuses on the development, prevention, and...

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Smile Make Over

You can choose to improve several aspects of your teeth and finally have your dream smile...

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Dental Implants

Aastha Dental has an expertise in replacing single / multiple or full arch with dental implants...

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Advanced Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

A Root Canal treatment is needed when a tooth's nerve and associated blood vessels are...

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Cosmetic Fillings

Composite resins, or tooth-colored fillings, provide good durability and resistance...

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Teeth Whitening

When it comes to whitening your teeth, only the trained eye of a professional dentist...

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Our Achievements


Why Choose Us?

Aastha Dental has a history of providing its clients with the best care and service. Aastha Dental offers you Dental Implants, Advanced Root Canals, Cosmetic Fillings, Crowns, Extractions etc. The practice serves patients of all ages, from young children to senior citizens and everyone in between. Our practice provides most of the services you need for your overall oral health.

Aastha Dental also offers flexible scheduling that fits your needs. We are available to serve you during morning-afternoon-evening Monday to Saturday and Sunday morning by appointment only. Please call us to schedule your appointment.

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